East Austin: “Brown people… peppered into the crowd”

Having lived in Austin for five years (2001-2006), and having shot musical acts every SXSW for the last 12 years or so, 2018 was the first year where…. I didn’t.   I had the luxury of shooting without the worry of running off to the next gig.  Different vibes.  I set out to further minimize myself and shoot 50/50 (50 portraits with only a 50mm lens) … Continue reading East Austin: “Brown people… peppered into the crowd”

Third Root :: Adrian Quesada

I’ve known, and been shooting for, the members of Third Root for several years now (Charles Peters, Marco Cervantes, DJ Chicken George).  Charles, for even longer as I documented the neo-soul group Mojoe for many years.  Third Root is the result of Peters coming together with UTSA professor/Dr./hip-hop artist Marco Cervantes.  I feel privileged to work with them.  I’m the fly on the wall as … Continue reading Third Root :: Adrian Quesada