Dia de Los Muertos

For several years now, I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph San Antonio’s Muertos Fest (benefiting Inner-City Development). Being a native of one of the few places in Mexico that has celebrated Dia de los Muertos for centuries, Oaxaca, it’s been interesting to see its popularity grow within the last twenty years, even within Mexico, not just the United States in the post-Coco era.   Continue reading Dia de Los Muertos

East Austin: “Brown people… peppered into the crowd”

Having lived in Austin for five years (2001-2006), and having shot musical acts every SXSW for the last 12 years or so, 2018 was the first year where…. I didn’t.   I had the luxury of shooting without the worry of running off to the next gig.  Different vibes.  I set out to further minimize myself and shoot 50/50 (50 portraits with only a 50mm lens) … Continue reading East Austin: “Brown people… peppered into the crowd”

Third Root :: Adrian Quesada

I’ve known, and been shooting for, the members of Third Root for several years now (Charles Peters, Marco Cervantes, DJ Chicken George).  Charles, for even longer as I documented the neo-soul group Mojoe for many years.  Third Root is the result of Peters coming together with UTSA professor/Dr./hip-hop artist Marco Cervantes.  I feel privileged to work with them.  I’m the fly on the wall as … Continue reading Third Root :: Adrian Quesada